Yogic mindfulness – introduction to meditation

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Yogic mindfulness* – introduction to meditation

Workshop for everybody


Yogic mindfulness is a workshop prepared for everybody, who is even slightly interested in the topic of meditation. Maybe you have heard of the benefits, but you have no idea how to bite the subject? If you are struggling where to start or you have already some experience, but you are lacking the guidance or simply you want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness technics – Tejas Foundation team will be able to help you. So… why would I meditate at the first place?

  • Meditation is about finding a focus, which is extremely useful in daily life, in home as well as in professional field. When your well-trained concentration is there, the obstacles are also easier to cope with.
  • Which leads to meditation as a stress relief. Thoughts are running like crazy and takes the sleep away? You don’t even know what is internal peace anymore? Try to remember the times you were on good vacation, maybe staring at the water or beautiful mountain. There was this second of calmness inside. Regular, daily, even 5 minutes practice will help you take a charge over your head and bring it back, for longer period of time.
  • Sometimes the desire to meditate comes from what is currently happening around us. The reality is so crazy that it seems not to be real. It’s a good time to dive deeper and find out some distance and perspective to the dancing circus around us.
  • Thanks to practice we are in union with ourselves, step by step resolving the internal conflicts. It’s a great psychological practice.
  • Mindful living with the world does not mean separating from it. It’s rather an old times receipt and message from ancient teachers how to go about life with more feel and attention, with this joyful and open for experience attitude. You wanna try it?


Keynote: Chitta Vritti Nirodha – removal of mind fluctuations (Patanjali, Yoga Sutras)


Part 1

INTRODUCTION – short lecture

  1. What is meditation?
  2. Why it’s good to meditate? Benefits.
  3. What is mindfulness and one-pointedness?
  4. What is meditation in yoga? Introduction to yoga philosophy – 8 limbs of yoga.
  5. How to make meditation easier and in harmony with oneself?
  6. The importance of acceptance.
  7. Postures for meditation and why I don’t have to seat in lotus pose J.
  8. What have to do our nervous system and breath with meditation.


Part 2 – practice

  1. BREATH – getting to know and learning in practice methods of focusing on breath without tension. Breath as a path to meditative state.
  2. MOVEMENT – experimenting with simple meditative yoga as a way to find focus and prepare body and mind for seating mediation.
  3. VEDANTIC MEDITATION – rational approach to meditation & self-observation.
  4. Getting ready for SEATING – learning different meditation poses, finding the most comfortable one, and checking how to make it even more comfortable for longer period of time.
  5. PRANAYAMAS, KRIYAS & SIMPLE MANTRA – we are browsing in yogic technics (breathing, vibration of sounds and others) which help to regain control over mind, stay focused and go somewhat beyond the thoughts.
  6. SILENT MEDITATION – how to stay focused.


Leading: Arunkumar Subramanian, Indian yogi and IT specialist, currently running TEJAS Foundation (@fundacjatejas , fundacjatejas.pl) as a chairman of the board. Arun is practicing yoga from 2006. His journey began in Sri Ramakrishna Mission, reputable old school of classical hatha yoga. In 2015 he got even deeper into the subject by extending his meditation skills – he attended few Vipassana meditation trainings (ancient meditation traditionally assigned to Buddha) and in 2017 he started following the teaching of one of the Himalayan masters – Sri M, who initiated him into kriya meditation practice. Arun is a Yoga Ambassador, who participated in Yoga Ambassador tour 2018, organized by Indian Ministry of yoga and ayurveda AYUSH. He is also karate practitioner carrying green belt. His new love is vinyasa krama yoga of Krishnamacharya, which he gladly teaches to the willing.

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